The living unit is owned by the individual, family or a trust and the adult occupying the unit is supported in living as independently as he or she is able. If an individual wishes to move to an apartment or other living situation, Specialized Housing will assist in the process and will continue support services, if desired. A unit can be re-sold like any unit of real estate.

Residents are involved in the planning and creation of each household. When the house is up and running, residents meet regularly to discuss problems and needs, household chores, to plan celebrations, and to participate in hiring staff. Residents and families meet with a clinician to discuss concerns. Families get together on a regular basis with key administrative staff.

Specialized Housing provides professional support and advocacy to residents in the areas of vocational placement and training, counseling, and community integration.

In addition to providing clinical support, Specialized Housing offers property management—supervision of maintenance and improvements, and financial oversight for each location.

Specialized Housing consults with families, individuals, and groups everywhere to create the supportive housing of their choice. We tailor our consultation and development services to meet the needs of your family and/or your group.

Specialized Housing will travel to your location, wherever that may be, or host you in our location for workshops, presentations and tours.

Specialized Housing Services:

Life At Home

  • Training in housekeeping chores
  • Assistance with room organization
  • Training in meal planning, shopping, and food preparation
  • Planning and preparation for parties and celebrations

Community Life

  • Participation in activities and community events
  • Discussions about citizenship
  • Opportunities for adult education
  • Church and synagogue participation encouraged
  • Recreation and sports opportunities
  • Liaison to support professionals and community agencies
  • Community volunteer opportunities


  • Coordination of appointments as necessary
  • Assistance with filling prescriptions
  • Assistance with scheduling appointments
  • Accompaniment to appointments as necessary
  • RN consultant on staff


  • Liaison to job site
  • Coordination with vocational placement agencies
  • Job support
  • Assistance with job applications

Healthy Living

  • Encouragement of healthy food choices and exercise
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Exercise programs available with professional trainers
  • Weight monitoring
  • Community programs such as Weight Watchers, health clubs

Personal Grooming

  • Assistance with laundry
  • Assistance with clothing choices
  • Clothes shopping assistance as necessary
  • Grooming advice and supervision


  • Transportation training
  • Assistance with T pass program
  • All locations close to public transportation
  • Help with transportation for trips and vacations

Money Management

  • Help with budgeting, bill-paying
  • Help with banking, as needed
  • Weekly planning

Learning And Growth

  • Support and validation of the community of peers within the household
  • Discussions about the responsibilities of home ownership
  • Group discussions cover various topics: social skills, current events, disability issues, family dynamics
  • Group leadership training
  • Therapeutic meetings with clinical supervisor
  • Drama, arts, music groups, social and recreational clubs, chaperoned day trips, outdoor trips, and longer trips available, in-house or sponsored by community agencies
  • Referral to community professionals

Services To Families

  • Consultation on long term care planning
  • Consultation, evaluation, and recommendations regarding housing
  • Help with accessing entitlement monies
  • Consultation and support on transition and adjustment issues
  • Legal, financial, other referrals